System Maintenance

In order to ensure that the refrigeration system lasts and operates to its potential of around 30 years. It is important to provide proper maintenance and system monitoring. This will vary from system to system depending on the size of the rink/s and climate it is located in. The maintenance should be carried out by licensed technicians and manufacturer provided manuals should be followed. The standard areas of any system that should be monitored routinely are listed below.


Equipment Schedule
Suction Pressure Daily
Discharge Pressure Daily
Oil Pressure Daily
Oil Level Daily
Discharge Temperature Daily
Temperature of all Heads Monthly
Water Temperature In/Out Daily
Belt Conditions Monthly
Brine Temperature In/Out Daily
Refrigerant Level Daily
Drain Oil Monthly
Coil Condition Annually
Spray Nozzles Monthly
Belts Monthly
Bearings Monthly
Condition of Drive Coupling Annually
Condition of Seal Monthly
Brine Pressure Daily
Brine Level Daily
Brine Strength Daily
pH Level Annually

*Keep in mind that compressors have specific inspection requirements.*